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An Easy and Secure Password Manager

Password Brain is an uncomplicated password manager that allows secure storage and organization of passwords.

Our password manager encrypts your passwords locally on your computer using 128 bit AES encryption. You are the only person who can access your passwords because only you will know the master password used to encrypt them.

The password manager stores your passwords in a searchable list, allowing you to quickly find the one you're looking for. Along with passwords, you can also store account names, associated email addresses, user names, notes and other information.

Our password manager allows you to backup your secure password information to any storage location you wish.

Password Brain is a productivity application developed in the United States by .

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Strong Encryption

Our password manager utilizes strong, AES 128 bit encryption. A master password is used to protect your information and also serves as the encryption key.

Type Ahead Search

You can filter and search your passwords by typing any search terms you like. Only the matching records will be displayed.

Copy Passwords Automatically

Our password manager can automatically copy your passwords and user names to your clipboard with a single click. This allows you quickly enter password related information into other applications or Web sites.


The Password Brain password manager protects your information by using a master password that only you know. Your passwords are stored only on your computer and can only be accessed by you.

A 4 digit PIN provides quick access to your information after you have not used the application for a short period of time or after you choose to lock the application.

Generate Random Passwords

Our password manager allows you auto generate your own random passwords. You can optionally include special characters and can also choose memorable words to be included in your randomly generated passwords.

Auto Lockout

After a short period of inactivity, the password manager application locks and hides all of your passwords. You can quickly show your information again by entering a four digit PIN.

Manual Lockout

You can manually lock the password manager to keep your passwords hidden while the application is still open. A quick, four digit PIN is then used to unlock the application.

Mark Passwords Inactive

Our password manager application lets you mark passwords as inactive. This allows you to keep a record of old passwords. You can then easily show or hide inactive passwords. Records can also be deleted.

User Guidance

Our password manager makes managing your passwords easier by including on screen guidance that walks you through every step of managing your passwords.

30 Day Free Trial

You may use the Password Brain password manager free for thirty days. This trial period allows full use of all of the applicaiton's features. After 30 days, you will be required to purchase a serial number in order to use the standard version.

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